About us

Our vision

Our vision is simple; to create a single community through which start-ups can develop and expand in a nurturing environment. Our comprehensive range of services lead to the ultimate pillars of support; to mentor, to finance, and to network. Identified as the primary areas of potential weakness, we’ve made them the pinnacle of our system. Our vision is to provide solutions for every entrepreneurial need under one roof.

Our mission

We are dedicated to making Mefazec a key player in elevating the regional start-up landscape into a globally recognized market, providing long-term economic security for the region. Strategically located in Kuwait where a vast number of the youth are highly driven and highly educated, we aim to change and shape the local mindset to encompass global awareness. Our one-of-a-kind entrepreneurial facility identifies start-ups with long-term development potential and supports entrepreneurs and their businesses in growing together to graduate with a deeper understanding of how to lead their start-up to success.

Meet the team

We are always here to help
  • Essa Al Saleh
    Essa Al Saleh Founder
  • Surya Rao
    Surya Rao CEO
  • Raghad Alawneh
    Raghad Alawneh Assistant Marketing Officer
  • Nezar Al Saleh
    Nezar Al Saleh Marketing Officer